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Ark Patrol - Never

Ark Patrol

Never is a steadily moving stream of aural pleasure. It's energetic and laid back at the same time. It's like that cool uncle that only see's you at your birthday party, and he pulls up in a vintage Honda CBR holding a 6 pack of Rainier's - ready to party with the 9 year olds.

Okay, maybe not that laid back. But Ark Patrol's catchy arpeggiated riffs will sweep you into the cosmos, and his varied-pitch leads will have you trying to guess, what the hell is she trying to say?"

4 out of 5

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Coming Soon?

Okay, lets be real. This isn't a real site. It should be, but I'm not that good of a writer, and I don't think my taste is anywhere near broad enough to keep anyone but a direct clone of myself interested. So I lied. No reviews are coming, the H3 tag is a lie. You know what though, we had a hell of a run.