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Nick Leng - Tunnels and Planes

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Here's a wonderful track by an artist that needs no introduction. Tunnels and Planes features an incredibly catchy repetition of chopped vocals which are are embellished in atmospheric samples and beautiful percussive patterns.

I came came across this track while listening to a an inspired radio station created by another song in the "chill" category. I've gotta say, this is a song I keep coming back to. It's got just enough melodic elements that keeps me wanting to hear it again, and again, and again.

Take a stroll through Nick's Soundcloud profile and you'll find more than enough quality tracks to get you through your WGU Web Development class. Most of the songs have a "mind-boosting" quality to them that will help you get your work done and submitted in record time! Time to add another class to that term!

ODESZA - Sun Models (feat. Madelyn Grant)

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Hailing from the majestic and ever-hippified Bellingham, Washington - a place that spawned more than than a few multi-platinum giants (Death Cab For Cutie comes to mind). Two Western Washington University college students came together to form ODESZA. They've toured with the likes of Pretty Lights, and Beat Connection.

Their 2014 studio album release, In Return includes the song "Sun Models" which I have featured here on Stereo Kick. It's a catchy-somewhat-tropical track with a heavy snare percussion. While Grant's voice isn't in natural form, we still get a feeling that she's a wonderful singer.